Rank Province Raised
1st state.Name ON $4,086,834
Top 5 fundraisers for ON
1st Rick Matheson Rick Matheson $43,231
3rd Henrietta Olthoff Mulder Henrietta Olthoff Mulder $30,864
7th Michael Riley Michael Riley $22,860
10th Rafal Szymanski Rafal Szymanski $18,269
11th David Walsh David Walsh $16,848
2nd state.Name AB $1,059,284
Top 5 fundraisers for AB
4th Jarrod Russell Jarrod Russell $29,492
5th Sandeep Bajaj Sandeep Bajaj $28,346
8th Nick Harder Nick Harder $22,724
17th Diane Declercq Diane Declercq $12,635
32nd Kolten and Keegan Davis Kolten and Keegan Davis $9,093
3rd state.Name BC $937,149
Top 5 fundraisers for BC
2nd Eric Kutschera: In Memoriam Eric Kutschera: In Memoriam $38,317
3772nd John Derrick John Derrick $16,565
23rd Shawn McDonald Shawn McDonald $11,158
31st Anne Pang Anne Pang $9,197
48th Mike Schrauwen Mike Schrauwen $8,176
4th state.Name MB $429,512
Top 5 fundraisers for MB
6th Jean Gagnon Jean Gagnon $27,440
13th Laurie Fischer Laurie Fischer $15,000
21st Todd Woods Todd Woods $11,718
40th Brendon Thiessen Brendon Thiessen $8,447
57th Paulette Fowell Paulette Fowell $7,697
5th state.Name QC $324,697
Top 5 fundraisers for QC
67th Cynthia Verdoni Cynthia Verdoni $7,389
68th Jodi Biglow Jodi Biglow $7,357
100th Martin Lafond Martin Lafond $5,916
139th Ryan Church Ryan Church $5,296
151st Michael Mayer Michael Mayer $5,136
6th state.Name NS $295,564
Top 5 fundraisers for NS
14th Bob Loney Bob Loney $14,083
29th Mary Pratt Mary Pratt $9,636
59th Neil Pothier Neil Pothier $7,674
63rd Sean O'Brien Sean O'Brien $7,551
76th Mark Chedrawe Mark Chedrawe $7,031
7th state.Name SK $257,159
Top 5 fundraisers for SK
24th Logan Holmes Logan Holmes $11,055
36th Mary Shirkie Mary Shirkie $8,642
58th Earl Driedger Earl Driedger $7,683
62nd Bradley MacIntosh Bradley MacIntosh $7,590
79th Erin McFarland Erin McFarland $6,783
8th state.Name NB $177,471
Top 5 fundraisers for NB
72nd David Marcoux David Marcoux $7,094
137th Johanna Bertin Johanna Bertin $5,305
174th Jean Giachino Jean Giachino $4,853
181st Paulette Gaudet Paulette Gaudet $4,712
187th Terry McKee Terry McKee $4,668
9th state.Name NL $108,117
Top 5 fundraisers for NL
28th Mark Vidal Mark Vidal $9,774
33rd Craig Young Craig Young $8,786
85th Mark Warren Mark Warren $6,502
118th Maria Vidal Maria Vidal $5,523
221st Charlotte Winsor Charlotte Winsor $4,163
10th state.Name PE $66,694
Top 5 fundraisers for PE
46th Joan Coffin Joan Coffin $8,312
197th Audrey Fraser Audrey Fraser $4,536
315th Dean Shaw Dean Shaw $3,501
353rd Rob Burke Rob Burke $3,336
368th Mona Reck Mona Reck $3,277
11th state.Name O/S $63,527
Top 5 fundraisers for Overseas
9th Jonathan Isherwood Jonathan Isherwood $21,034
986th darren gill darren gill $1,866
1110th Dean Nilsen Dean Nilsen $1,686
1753rd Ferial Ladak Ferial Ladak $1,201
2156th Paul Castleberry Jr Paul Castleberry Jr $1,039
12th state.Name YT $8,962
Top 5 fundraisers for YT
1025th Heather Jones Heather Jones $1,796
1345th Jody Woodland Jody Woodland $1,472
2142nd Edith Bélanger Edith Bélanger $1,043
2429th Isabelle Salesse Isabelle Salesse $937
13th state.Name NT $4,829
Top 5 fundraisers for NT
414th Martin Male Martin Male $3,076
2779th Phil Nolan Phil Nolan $813
3762nd Wendy Eggenberger Wendy Eggenberger $590
5213th Susan Fitzky Susan Fitzky $319
7651st Caitlin Seymour Caitlin Seymour $31
N/A state.Name NU $0
Top 5 fundraisers for NU
N/A Samuel Choco Inuksaq Samuel Choco Inuksaq $0
N/A Alice Hebb Alice Hebb $0
N/A May Pham May Pham $0
N/A Lyta Josephie Lyta Josephie $0
Total: $7,819,798