Meet Hallie-Lynn

Hallie-Lynn is a kind-hearted 3-year-old who adores spending time with her older sister and baby brother.

In July 2022, Hallie-Lynn had a scary accident when she jumped in the pool without a life jacket. Her parents, Terrah and Joel, took her to the medical center to make sure she wasn't at risk of secondary drowning.

Although her breathing seemed normal, Hallie-Lynn received an x-ray to ensure her lungs were clear of fluid.

Later, the family received a call from their doctor referring them to the Hospital for Sick Children with the possibility of pneumonia or a collapsed lung.

Terrah and Joel took their little girl to the emergency department at SickKids and, after 12 hours, she was sent home with treatment for pneumonia.

However, that same day, Terrah received an unexpected call from an oncologist at SickKids, requesting that they bring Hallie-Lynn back to the hospital for further testing.

Filled with uncertainty, the family returned to SickKids and Hallie underwent a number of tests.

A fellow shared the devastating news that they suspected Hallie-Lynn may have neuroblastoma, but they had to confirm the diagnosis with more tests.

This brave girl was admitted for four days to continue with testing, including an MRI.

About a week after Hallie-Lynn was discharged, Terrah and Joel received the call confirming that their baby daughter had stage 4 high-risk neuroblastoma.

Since then, this brave little girl has endured high-dose chemotherapy, bone marrow transplants, radiation therapy and surgery to remove her tumour. 

The high-dose chemotherapy took a toll on her frail body, and on February 6, her blood tests revealed her body was very inflamed and fighting hard.

On February 10, her condition took a drastic decline, and she was taken to the PICU where it was confirmed that Hallie-Lynn developed hepatic veno-occlusive disease.

Hallie-Lynn had to be intubated as her oxygen levels became increasingly low.

The brave girl slowly started improving, and on March 28 she was finally able to be discharged from the hospital, after 58 long days.

Now, Hallie-Lynn's condition has improved immensely. She has a lot more energy and is back to playing with her brother and sister at home.

Her cancer has responded well to the treatment, and recent scans showed no evidence of new disease.

"Hallie has been thriving at home having an absolute blast with her brother and sister. It's probably the best she has felt since last July, despite all the medications she is on," Terrah said.

But this tiny warrior does have a long journey ahead of her, as she just has started six months of immunotherapy to eliminate any remaining cancer that has gone undetected.

GCCers, let's keep Hallie-Lynn's courageous journey in our hearts as we ride this August.